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River Keeper Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Pennsylvania with River Keeper Gene Macri is for those who want to fish some of the best public and private waters.  These include mostly wild trout fishing from the limestone spring creeks of Pennsylvania to spring fed ponds where wild Brook Trout grow to an amazing seven pounds. All fishing is catch and release.

Lunker Rainbow Trout

This is not necessarily easy fishing.  However, for those who want the challenge of wild trout and exceptionally large ones this represents what fly fishing is all about. (Photo to the right is a massive rainbow trout caught by Gene.  Note that the net is giant boat net!)


Here's A Look At Our Private Water


Because Macri is a professional aquatic and environmental scientist he knows what makes a great stream or water and knows the proper scientific methods that should be used in river keeping.  Fly fishing has become a corporate industry and unfortunately, one of scam artists, deception and false promises.  Macri makes no promises of instant Freestone Trout Stream With Wild Troutsuccess and instant gratification.  He teaches you the techniques, methods, and characteristic of a successful scientific fly fisherman.

Anyone who promises you easy fishing and loads of fish will take you to a hatchery to fish. That's not to say that you won't catch many fish and perhaps the lunker of the life time with Gene but those people who promise you the world are just giving you fish; Gene Macri teaches you the how to fly fish which will last you a life time. (Photo shows private trout stream that harbors two strains of wild browns and two strains of wild rainbows.)

Classic Spring Creek Photographed by Gene Macri

There are a variety of trout waters from slow moving crystal clear spring creeks to tumbling mountain streams which contain wild browns and rainbows.  There are brook trout which will literally break your rod.  The choice is yours go with the River Keeper and learn the secrets of a life time and perhaps catch the fish of a lifetime too. (Photo above shows a classic spring creek harboring some of the wariest and most selective trout in the world; by Gene Macri)


River Keeper Fly Fishing
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